Thursday, July 7, 2011

summer lusts:: pretty beach cover-ups

im all about the beach these days! in fact, i had a tonne of swimwear sent to hawaii even before we touched down. in my brother's words, his mailbox was bursting full of ladies' underwear when he came home from school one day! :) hah!! i love that imagery!! 

im totally digging these lovely beach cover-ups from victoria's secrets.. 

any favorites!?


  1. the white lace cover up and the yellow shirt <3 !!

    i'm so chuffed at buying shorts and stuff for summer but the winds bring me back to the 'chilling' reality!

  2. I like the black and white ones...Very sexy but not slutty at all. I want!

    Only one more day till you take off eh? Have a great time in Hawaii!! I'll be off to Taiwan after you come back probably, so let's catch up in late July?

  3. @la chamelle

    haha!! im jealous that at least there is moving air happening where you are. its so stuffy in tokyo!

    wished i could wear these to work!

  4. @astrorainfall @ beauty box

    those are super cute and classic too! :)

    yes!! lets! :) have a blast in taiwan and meanwhile, i'll catch up with you through your blog!! xx

  5. show some skin... love the black lace one!!!

  6. @kennytricia

    wished i had more time to make it! :) it looks do-able!!!

  7. I love 'em all! I didn't know VS had cover-ups. I don't own any and never figured out where to get them! Like you, I have many swimsuits but need to actually go to a beach :P Did I show you the polka dotted one piece from f21 that I got in Tokyo?

  8. I like them all - maybe the yellow one best, it's such a great summery colour. Buying summer things is so happy-making! xxx

  9. @Andrea

    shame its a little too late for the vacay to order them in! :) gonna see if they have them in the stores!!

    OMG you didn't show me.. but is it navy blue with fuscia pink small dots? if so, we totally have the same bathing suit!!!! hahaha!!! :)

  10. @Mrs. Exeter

    isn't it?! and this season is filled with bright happy colours!!

    im so sad when i have to keep my summer clothes and bring out the woolies!!!

  11. White one and yellow one gets my vote! =)

  12. @Yingjie

    i love those two! the yellow can be used as a regular top i reckon! :)

  13. the white ones!! :D

    i am digging them too, waiting for summer to be over so that i can buy them!

    anyways, have a smashing time in Hawaii!

  14. totally :) it's really gloomy and rainy today. urgh.

    have a lovely time in hawaii! :)

  15. YES!! I wasn't looking for one but when I saw it hanging on the rack, I told myself I had to at least try it!!! Hehehe. I love how retro and girly it looks, covered up yet not too conservative :P

  16. @ladytricia

    am i missing out on something?? wait for summer to be over!?

  17. @Andrea

    hilarious!! just as well we're not at maui at the same time! we'd totally crack up if we rocked up in the same shoes and same bathers!! :) xx

  18. hahaha, i am moving back to Singapore at the end of the year you see... and Singapore is a sunny you get the gist. :D


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