Friday, July 8, 2011

food for thought:: where to live

im not much of a "numbers" kinda gal so i won't even pretend to sound intelligent here. but i find the ranking of expensive cities based on cost of living fascinating. (more info from their website) from a personal point of view, it intrigues me cos it puts things in perspective. of course, we use the infomation to analyze the cities we want to live in.

needless to say, it was jaw-droppingly expensive when we first moved to tokyo (ranked #2)...

from phnom penh???

and poor little cambodia doesn't even make it on the list!!

firstly, im very relieved that im not the alone in the "$4 for an apple is wayyy overpriced!!" camp. 
but someone should tell daniel that we might save a little more if we move to NYC! :)



  1. ooOhh I dream of NYC too! Once these rugrats are grown, I'm gonna take a year off to explore the world. =)

  2. Wow... our little island country is more ex than NYC??? (11th vs 27th) I'm so living in the wrong city...

  3. @Pamz TT

    Just wondering aloud.. Why not with them!? Since they're so little!! ;) once we have little ones, are we really stuck to one place?

    (sorry if it's too personal but it's something on our minds recently..)

  4. @Yingjie

    Totally right?! But maybe it's because of the lower wages in Singapore?!

    No idea but Singapore sounds pretty attractive now compared with Japan!!! Xx

  5. @kennytricia

    I knew I'd garner such support from a fellow NYC-enthusiast!! ;)

  6. Ahh we did that in melbourne with them. =) It's tougher to move with them now cause the husband's biz is SG based. =( But it's definitely do-able with little ones, my dear.

  7. hey daniel! You heard the MISSUS! move on over to NYC so i can come visit!!!!

  8. @Pamz TT thanks for your advice darling!!! Much appreciated! n you can tell what's on our mind huh?! Xx

  9. @punkychewster

    Definitely!!! ;) haha!!! Living in NYC would be super awesome!! And shopping.., *sigh*

  10. *wink* you guys are going to be the cutest parents! xx


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