Wednesday, July 6, 2011

in japan:: salesgirl a-dancing

spotted this one lazy weekend afternoon when i was wandering in the streets of shinjuku doing my thang... i stood there for 5 mins watching this young lady did her thang. 

she ripped through the routine twice and not once did she get embarrassed or slacked off on her moves. and her music was on a loop so each time she is done, she gets 10 seconds to yell something extremely enthusiastically, a few air-punches and point to the store in japanese. i felt like i should clap but just then, the music started again! 

so i took a quick video and continued shopping...


 that evening we were cycling home when the boy suddenly said "hey! did you see that girl dancing outside the store?". and need i mention that he was at that junction a few hours after me and by then she was dancing with a billboard strapped around her?!! 

her energy is infectious and i hope whatever she was promoting worked..
but man!! what a crazy weekend job!!

... only in japan! ;)



  1. I love her already! It's hard to be sad when you're watching someone so awesome.

    An American Girl (Someday) in Paris

  2. Hi Lady. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Luckily my photographer had his cell phone on him so, after trying about 4 different people, someone was able to come up and let us off the roof. Definitely a moment of OMGOMGOMG, before that happened.



  3. @Someday In Paris

    indeed!! you kinda feel like bobbing along with her when she dances!

    thanks for visiting my blog! :)

  4. @Angie

    hahah!! :) that's hilarious!! its amazing you got such great pictures out of that. i'd be totally green and panicky!


  5. wished she was in my dance cca...

  6. @fenzc

    she is so adorable and enthusiastic, no?

    whatever she was selling, i wanted to buy!


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