Friday, July 15, 2011

iphone apps:: leafsnap

im not much of a botanist but i collect leaves like people collect shells. i obsessively hide them in my pockets and tuck them in between pages of books so i'd find them by surprise a few months later!!

so there are a tonne of pictures of me...

caught in the act..

the husband finds it generally amusing and leaves me to it most of the time. 

recently, he added a whole bunch of iphone apps on my phone for me to play with when im bored. one of the carefully curated apps he picked was leafsnap. he was a little sad when i didn't use it... he explained that he'd thought if i were interested in identifying the leaves i found, i could take snapshot and it would tell me what it was. it's kinda cute in a geeky way.

maybe then my leaf vocabulary won't be limited to...

big yellow leaf.

small green leaves. :)



  1. hur hur! =) I can see how the app is handy.

  2. I have leafsnap on my iphone! I downloaded it to try and identify a flowering bush for a gardening friend of mine in PA... never could determine what it was with certainty. But fun app!

  3. @kennytricia quite right?! ;) I guess i should use it a little to give face!!


    But but "big yellow leaves" and "small green leaves" are the best descriptions ever!!!


  5. @Noel Mahler I'm so flattered I have the same app as such an outdoor enthusiast!! I've an embarrassing story to share noey!!

    We moved to a b&b in Maui which has uber chic Balinese decor, including an outdoor tub n shower. But we spotted a creepy crawly and googled centipede/millipede and can't identify it.. So now both of us are sleeping with bug spray..

  6. @Yi Lian so retarded right?! But the last thing I think of when I'm out in the wilderness is to use my iPhone n take a picture!!!!



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