Thursday, July 14, 2011

crafts:: how to use your scarf on rainy days

thank you for the lovely emails & comments some of you wrote about the last two scarf/diy bag ideas!  it got me thinking and researching a little for more awesome ideas! 

today's scarf idea is stolen off the ladies in the street. 

i get bummed that i don't get to carry a cute bag out just because my brolly doesn't fit in it!
am i the only one here?

do you hesitate using your cute leather bag because its not weather proof? 

here's an idea that will help you solve both problems with just one scarf. all you need is an everyday bag, an umbrella and a scarf. i'm using my little bags today so i picked my 50 x 50 scarf. 

if your scarf/fabric is water-resistant, all the better... but i don't have one yet! so i'll use my cotton scarf for demonstration today! are we ready? 

part one:: the umbrella

place the brolly on a diagonal. 

roll it neatly till you get a long roll.
kinda like an enchilada.

knot both ends like a candy

and attach to your bag with a double knot. 
if you have excess fabric, you can tie a bow..

*cue thunderstorm* 

part two:: when it rains...

of course, you take your brolly out to use it. 
then place your bag squarely in the middle of the scarf.

loop the corners through the handles. do this for the front and back sides.

secure it with a double knot. see the excess fabric in the middle...

grab that firmly and tie it to the excess fabric from the other side. 
and you're done! :) 

it's almost looks like a brand new bag when you're done!
if you have a bigger bag, use a 90 x 90 scarf!

thanks for visiting! have a lovely day!



  1. That is so cute! =) I have been looking out for nice square scarfs since your DIY scarfs post. this would get me more milage out of my scarfs! =)
    Oh I have the same Kate Spade bag... ;)

  2. love the 2nd idea... now wouldn't it be great if there was a waterproof scarf :)

    And really, if my brolly doesn't fit into my bag, i'll hunt for a small brolly to buy :) The brollys in JP are way too cute...

  3. @kennytricia they are super cute and they get smaller by the day!! ;)


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