Saturday, July 16, 2011

summer's no time for a hairy puppybear...

our world revolves around our pampered pooch but we do draw the line at some pet indulgences. no offence to anyone, these are judged purely by our own standards, which im sure can be compromised if we had more cash. but at the present moment, these belong to the "indulgent & unecessary" category..

1) pet oxygen spa (in japan of course)
2) hair colouring for pets
3) doggie-prams
4) and any summery "pet-cool" gimmicks.

but these days, poor musashi has been looking like this...

"too warm..."

one day, he was missing for a while and i found him lying next to the accidentally left open fridge door enjoying some cool breeze. *sigh* so i've started tucking some ice packs (the picnic type) under his pillow to cool him down...

"give me the cold hard floor anyday..."

i guess it's time to dig deeper into our wallets and spring for one of those ridiculous cooling gel pads.
the dog on the packaging does look very satisfied with it.
and as the japanese would say:: しょうがない



  1. My favorite thing ever is when my puppies get home from a walk and lay on the cold floor. They also prefer ice over water, and dirty bayous over pool water to help cool off.

  2. My favourite Japanese cat, Maru, has been feeling the heat recently too. The owner had to get a fan for him.

  3. @Tina that's a smart puppy.. I wish my little man would drink water! He doesn't touch it at all when we leave the water bowl out..

  4. @Jace Tay haha so cute!!! ;) I thought that was your kitty cat!! ;) it has been unbearably warm in Japan of late.. We too got him a dedicated fan in the day!!!!


  5. they shld bring these stuff to SG shouldn't they... its hot all the time here :)

  6. my pups are spoiled - on days with super high humidity and really high temperatures, i leave the a/c on for them. if it isn't too hot, then i leave them a bowl full of ice-cubes and it helps cool them down.

  7. @kennytricia

    business idea for you! :) then you don't need a pet at home it can be your business!

  8. @pei

    we leave the fan for him!! but A/C and ice-cube is a brilliant idea! im going to try that!! :)


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