Tuesday, June 21, 2011

travels:: fun in maui

with all our essentials booked, now comes the real fun - planning our activities! they'd definitely be a whole lot of beach-trotting, chilling by the pool, shopping and feasting. but kinda feels like we should do a little more. and these are our top picks!! 

{island hopping}

my sun-kissed brother recommended a day trip to molokini. a mini island away from a mini island (maui) away from yet another little island (hawaii)?? haha! :) but this one is extra special! it's a partially sunken volcanic crater and now a beautiful underwater sanctuary for marine life. it's meant to be one of the top ten dive spots. and great for snorkeling as well... 

doesn't it look like paradise!?

holy guacamole.. how rad is this see-through canoe!?

{volcano bike adventure}

or we were thinking to join bike tour and troop up to the summit of haleakala volcano at sunrise and enjoy this view. then ride downhill all the way while enjoying the awesome views of the national park.. that's my idea of a good exercise! haha! :) plus we seem to always sneak in a little bicycling in all our vacations... its like our little thing...

oh the colours!

now the pickle is... both of these activities require us to wake up early and i kinda prefer to snooze in a little on vacation (actually, i prefer to sleep in every single day...). the former has a better start time but daniel doesn't dive and it would be a bummer to go alone while my husband bobs on the surface with the wusses & the children... and the latter is great and all. but did i mention the reporting time for summer is 3 freakin'am!!

which would you pick? 
island hopping? or downhill riding?


  1. Well... you've kinda picked out the answer to your questions? =)I vote the island hopping though. =) waters are pristine! and couldn't u fit in both? ;)

  2. gosh, downhill riding?!

    I keep thinking that if it was me, i would probbaly ROLL downhill : )

  3. i vote for island hopping! but if depends on what kind of "holiday" that both of you wanted, downhill biking sounds fun but tiring and it doesn't suit if you wanted a "relaxing" trip ya? ;D

  4. hi, i've popped by your blog since you were on LJ but this is the first time i'm commenting i think! i did both these activities while in hawaii on honeymoon 6 years ago and they're both great! :) you can see plenty while snorkeling so since your husband doesn't dive, maybe you can both opt to snorkel to have something to do together? we did a trip out with the pacific whale foundation and they brought us to molokini and another spot with loads of turtles to snorkel, and my husband actually had a turtle surface within an arm's length of him. needless to say, he was very excited.

    as for riding down haleakala, it was totally fun! i don't know if it qualifies as exercise though since you don't pedal at all -- you just roll down and work the brakes! the breakfast that they bring you to near the bottom is satisfying though! there is an early wake-time, but catching sunrise on the top of the volcano is quite something (though freezing cold). you can sleep in the bus going up?

  5. island island island! that island shape is totally rad! haha. :) maybe daniel would get inspired to dive after this :P

  6. @Yingjie

    i'd love to do both but didn't want to wake up early for so many days! :) but the water looks amayyyy-zing huh!?

    when it comes to vacays, its a fine line between being too chilled out and doing too much....

  7. @kennytricia

    i don't think its that intense. just a slight decline! :) but how awesome... no need to work hard! :)

  8. @peanut-toes

    we want a chilled out vacation...

    downhill riding is pretty easy, i imagine... just rolling downhill on the bike, no need to pedal! :) but i might be totally wrong and twenty mins i'd be thinking

    "darnit!! i should have followed her suggestion!!" :)

  9. @BeanBean

    hello there! :) thanks for dropping in to say hi!!

    and what awesome tips. after hearing your own experience... i feel like it would be a shame to not do both!!

    i've heard great reviews for pacific whale foundation!! thanks for a great tips!!

  10. @anniestar

    that ship's sailed unfortunately! :( we went on a DIVE trip with our friends hoping to inspire the boys but instead they both hung around the boat, fed fishes while the girls went diving.

    i was highly unimpressed! :)

  11. yay to summer holidays!! we decided to pick a beach holiday this time around too! i shld've read this earlier so i cld've change our destination to maui. but we booked ours to cancun!

    have fun!!!! are u going to wear the swimsuit u made? that'd be the ultimate crafter's dream!!!


  12. @punkychewster

    i'll review maui for you so you can benefit from my tips! :) cancun is awesome.. great for summer parties!!

    im going to bring it... at least. i have little insecurities.. what if its only cute to me.. *gulp* and everyone stares at me at the beach! :)

  13. silly girl! no lah it looks fabulous! and the color goes very well with a tan!


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