Wednesday, June 22, 2011

thoughts:: on japan

come this weekend, we're celebrating our 9 month mark in japan!! 

i have no idea where all that time disappeared because till today.. but each time i visit my favorite hoods (shinjuku, jiyugaoka & shimokitazawa) i still feel that little rush of excitement and i still wanna take pictures of everything.. i feel like a little tourist in this crazy city we live in. but japan has been really kind to us, earthquake and all, and it's everything we wanted out of this move and more. so i feel extremely blessed...

(and yikes!! i still don't speak japanese...)

also, i stop working on weekends.. which is a huge deal for me!! since i graduated, i've had to work on weekends so im very excited that i get to spend more time with the family!! im not sure if daniel shares the same sentiments because i know he used to enjoy his "dude sundays". he'd go for long man-dates with musashi, go shopping for tech-y stuff or hide in his man-cave and scan/organize documents. (i kid you not!) but he has been a sport about it so far!! and i'll keep in mind not too cramp his style too much! :)

of the many little things i wanna do, these top the list::
day trips with musashi
picnics in the park
salsa dancing till late
family movie dates
late afternoon bicycle rides
thrifting at weekend markets
more crafts... 
hmmm...which one i should start on this very weekend?!


  1. salsa dancing till late. other things will follow...

  2. Yes, its definitely the salsa dancing! xxx

  3. @Mrs. Exeter


    both for you are tooo cute for words! :) i guess salsa dancing it is!

  4. Babe! I visited Shimokitazawa too and it's kawaii until nosebleed. But it's sooo tiny! I finished it within two hours! I didn't visit Jiyugaoka despite your recommendation and now totally regretting it. :'(

    Fabric shopping togetherly next time! Sending you lotsa <3 and feeling very proud that you no longer have to work weekends! ;)

  5. @Yi Lian

    shimokitazawa has aweseom little cafes too! :) more of like a chilled out afternoon place! :) jiyugaoka is nice too.. but more auntie-ish/homey good for aunties like me! :)



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