Sunday, June 19, 2011

crafts:: mens bow-tie tutorial

hi everyone! :) hope you had a lovely weekend!! we had a weekend of celebrations jetting across town to a little seaside park to family movie date and delicious long naps. but of course we celebrated daniel's first father's day with little muu! and so i prepared a little something for the new but already awesome papa...

this is a great craft for scraps, done in less than one hour. an easy project for beginners like me! :)

there are a few great tutorials out there such as this prudent baby one and a burdastyle free pattern here. but my printer was throwing a royal tantrum so i had to wing it. that's my favorite type of sewing. just figure it out as i go along! so if you're experimental like me, here we go! :)

trace the pattern using an existing bow-tie.

fold the fabric, right side facing each other. 

 machine stitch on the line leaving a 1-inch opening. iron. 

 trim the excess fabric off. trim it real close for sharp corners.

optional step :: interfacing

flip the bowtie inside out through the 1-inch hole.
this is the most testing part for me cos im impatient by nature.
but it helps if you think of who you're making it for...

musashi-kun, you owe me big time..
when you grow up, im going to make you work in a sweat shop unpicking stitches.

anyway... iron it so you can nice pretty corners
for the adjustable clasp, stitch one tail to craft clasp. (sorry i don't know the actual name.. but its the same thing you use for belts)

and loop the other end to fasten. 
or you could make fixed length ones! that would save the last two steps. 

and we're done! :) a pair of neat preppy bow-ties.

i made a littler ready-tied bow for the little stinker. and attached it to his collar. 
easy peasy! :)

now comes the difficult part. bribing the boys to smile nicely at the camera...
and not make funny faces..

awww my boys... aren't they stinkin' cute!?

thanks for visiting and do share your pictures with me if you make little bowties of your own!!!
have a lovely week ahead!! :)



  1. I think bow ties are very smart looking one of my favorite politicians wore bow ties and he was very smart and very loved

  2. omg musashi with a bow tie is adorable!!!

  3. @shopannies

    i can see how thats very charming! i started this obsession when we were planning our wedding. did help that chuck in gossip girl is always in such cute bow ties too! :)

  4. @kennytricia

    heehee thanks babe! :) funnier when the both of them crashed into bed in giggles after the photoshoot! :) :)

  5. @Jen

    haha and he loves it too! :) he's such a ham!

  6. ah! so cute! matchy matchy! and the boys are game enough to oblige! good work!

  7. @punkychewster

    they're good sports! :) i love making things for them cos they look like they really love it...

  8. That is so cute!! Love it!
    Thank you so much for linking to {nifty thrifty things} last week!
    I hope to see you again tomorrow!


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