Sunday, June 19, 2011

what's in your bag this summer...

as our summer vacation plans are firming up, im starting to dream of what to wear/bring to the beach. its kinda early but it helps me get in the mood! :) i was tossing between buying this awesome yellow striped beach bag or making one of my own..

until i met this handsome guy!

nautical stripes with cute gold print and rope handles..
you wanna know the best part?
the beach bag came fahh-reeee!!!! with my magazine.
the best magazine freebie i've received in a while.

so i've got:: my sunnies, lipgloss, nail polish, magazines, sunscreen & a beach towel..

am i missing anything else?


  1. @Generic Jen B

    oh yeah!! :) brilliant! im working on cute beach cover-cups! :)

  2. Is that a Japanese magazine? Wow! I'm impressed. I'm always surprised when they send those goodies... and even better when it's not one of those overused Kitson bags here. :)

  3. @Jen

    yes it is!! ain't that crazy!! but its a shame i can't read anything in the magazine, just the pictures!!


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