Sunday, May 29, 2011

haircut in tokyo:: watanabe hair dressing

combined with the fear of not being able to say "just a trim" in japanese & the sheer number of hair salons to choose from, i've been procrastinating forever. but i finally forced myself to get a haircut.

watanabe hair dressing has quite a reputation in the tokyo foreign community with great reviews online. there are a bunch of hair salons that claim to be able to speak english but its never the case... so i was taken aback when my reservation was taken by someone in perfect british accent. from the coat check to the special dish to hold my hair tie, choice of magazine, the hot towel they place on your neck when they work their sudsy magic on your hair.. each itsy detail was great and well thought of! and the shiatsu massage was pure bliss. i could do that everyday!

after apologizing for being super duper boring... i requested my stylist, momoi, for the same hairstyle. just a small trim. he thought it was hilarious that i apologized and suggested that if i wanted a change, i can think about getting a short cut and a perm in the rainy season. easier to style... a little too radical-sounding but at least he wasn't pushy.. then he gave me the prettiest blowdry. i was in awe but i knew that the very next morning, it would never look the same...

in the streets of harajuku
then it rained a little. then i shopped a lot. then i rode the bicycle to work
and did normal everyday things like that...

but the next morning, my hair still looked nice and pretty!
and not crazy like usual!

delicious layers that curl the right way! i likey!

maybe i'll give the short & perm idea a go this summer. or maybe just a perm. 
sounds like fun!


  1. Your hair looks beautiful! Now you've found such a great hairdresser you can have a change if you want to :)

  2. @Mrs. Exeter

    i was so pleased that i bumped into him on my first try! each time i move, it breaks my heart cos i have to start over again with nails, hair, doctors.. :)


  3. I seriously hate the uncertainty that comes w haircuts :)

    I know its just hair that will grow out again... but its just one of those things that i hate. thats y i nv change my stylist where possible.

    The back view in the 2nd pic looks great.

  4. @kennytricia

    i never found a good one in singapore, actually!! maybe its not the stylist. maybe its the humidity that makes nice hair (on me) impossible!!

  5. Hi! Beautiful hair by the way. Did you ever go back for that Perm? I have an apt there next saturday March 3rd with Momoi-San for a perm. I am so nervous, but I am a new mommy and have no time to do my hair anymore so I am hoping that a perm will make it easier. I told him I do not want a super tight spiral just a loose curl/wave. I hope my hair does not get ruined because I have super thick, long, red hair.

  6. @JZ

    i went back again ever since and did quite the opposite! i got it straightened and i LOVE it! :)

    momoi-san is wonderful and great! so im sure you'd look fabulous! send my love to him if you get a chance!



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