Saturday, May 28, 2011

baby steps...

the end of my spool...

in crafts, i feel this immense pressure to do better, to make bigger things, to be more perfect. and i get frustrated when things don't work out or when i can't complete projects in one night... actually, im like this with my life. i need things done, perfectly and right this second.

but sometimes i need little things like this to remind me to slow down and enjoy the journey. 

today i've come to the tail of my first large spool or thread. all 3000 m of it! that's 3 km worth of thread that went into something special that i made with love. so i took a break, made myself a pot of tea.  
and a little pat on the back. 

here's to many more spools of happiness to come!



  1. hey zhing! can i please ask? do you know if nippori is open on sundays? cuz tomato looks closed on sundays based on a quick search. any ideas where one might find nice fabric elsewhere? :) thanks!!!

  2. @anniestar

    not sure if nippori is open but tomato is definitely not.. sorry! i've never shopped on sundays cos that's my work day so i never found out!!

    but if you wanna fabric shop, yuzawaya and odakaya are both open on all days and nearer to town!

  3. i get so frustrated too, especially if i don't finish my projects in one sitting. but i like to attempt complicated stuff, which makes my own set deadline very tough. :(
    it doesn't help that my to-do list vies for time on my days off.

    but. must. slow. down. and. breathe.

  4. @punkychewster

    oh i wish you were nearby so we can sit next to each other and sew away! :)


  5. i got my stuff at odakaya! did you already have a card there? i could pass mine to you, seeing as how i'm flying out tomorrow! :(

  6. @anniestar

    actually i don't! what does a card do for you!? damn i've been spending so much money there and i have not been accruing points.. *faint* :)

    im such an auntie! :)

  7. ok steady, let me send it over to you, email you tomorrow once i've unpacked? :) it's hot hot hot here. but at least i can see the sun again. :P i take heart that i got to see a gazillion umbrellas crossing the road at shibuya.


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