Sunday, May 15, 2011

crafts:: doggie or baby sling tutorial

it has been a while since i've made a craft tutorial!!

im super thrilled by this one - a baby sling for our doggie!! we were inspired to make him a little sling when cos our little man likes being carried when we're out. he's little but 3 kg can get pretty heavy after a while... the one we had before was great but it always took a bit more fiddling to get him snuggled in.

so we got his one! :)

all you need is::

(1.5) meter of fabric
(2) round rings
sewing machine or serger

choice of fabric:: comfy jersey for some stretch. if cooler weather, i'd choose fleece instead.

first, cut the fabric into (3) strips of - 50 x 110 (my fabric's width) and join it into one long piece of fabric. for my tiny maltese, i trimmed the final length down to a 50 x 300. that would work great for a new born baby (3kg) but if you have a bigger dog or bub, just adjust accordingly in length.

its optional but you might want to hem the edges all round.

then fold it in half and slip the ring through.

and run a steady stitch through to secure the rings at mid-point! 
and you're done!

do i still have you? :) 

here's how you tie it! first, throw the rings over one shoulder.

sling the fabric across your back and bring the ends through the rings. 

you want to use both pieces of fabric for stability.

fold it back through the bottom ring.

tadah! there you have a secure loop...

 place the baby in place and snuggle up!

muumuu loves the cradle hold and it works as well! there is even extra fabric to shield him from the sun if he dozes of..

have a cuddley sunday!!


  1. It looks like a baby sling too!! =) Very cool! The fabric chosen looks super comfy!

  2. @Yingjie

    you can make one for your baby! when the time comes! xx

  3. can i just say that i love your art & crafts!

    dont have a baby but i guess it'll work for my doggie for now :)

    thanks for sharing.

    - Jan
    someone who has been swinging by since you posted on removing sticky icky bits of price tags.

  4. @Anonymous

    hi jan!! :) glad to have you reading!! making things for doggie is fun, innit?


  5. only problem is that... i...suck at arts&crafts

    i can only enjoy and imagine ... ha.. but love your doggie... he's so cute.

  6. @Janice

    thanks janice! :) he loves his slingy so much!!


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