Tuesday, January 18, 2011

crafts: a doggie mei tai carrier

our little puppy loves cuddles. he likes it when you baby him in a cradle hold and he liked it when you give him snuggled and kisses. most of all, he loves being in shoulder hold!! kinda like when you prop his bumbums with your forearm, lean him vertically on your shoulders and support his neck/back with your arm hand.

BUT it's so difficult to hold him and do housechores at the same time so I adapted the mei tai baby carrier to fit!!


Voila!!! He loves it!!! And I get two free hands!!!

Sometimes I wonder if we are babying him too much. As we speak, his daddy is in the foyer fitting a doggie carrier on his bike so we can go for more family outings!! ;)

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  1. human baby training for you & D! ;)

  2. aww.. thats cute! you should try selling your handmade stuff on etsy.com :)

  3. Awww.. he's just like a baby. Kawaii!

  4. hahah!! been thinking of it.
    but i'm so busy just making things for the house and our puppybear. and im secretly worried that by making things for sale, i might lose the joy of creating something!!
    y'know? the artist in me speaking...

  5. hahaha!! :) yeah, we'll be totally expert at this when we have spawns (if that happens!!)
    can't really argue that this is the best way to learn, no?

  6. we treat him like a baby!! im going to go read some article and see i babying a dog too much is unhealthy!!

  7. awww thanks babe!
    i think you're the only one that is not looking at the dog or my sling bag! hahah! :)

  8. Please replace your ''viola'' with ''voila''. It always bugs me and I LOVE your blog!

  9. Wow!! My very own French police!!!
    Sorry about that! My smarty pants phone auto changes my French to english words... Sigh...
    Thanks heaps!! ;)

  10. aaww... but your things are so cute! most especially the Ninja Turtle eye mask!!!


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