Saturday, April 30, 2011

royal wedding:: a modern-day fairytale

congrats to the lovely couple, william and kate!

wasn't that one of the shortest but cutest kisses? 

she looked stunning and absolutely radiant.
i loved the lace & the absolutely gorgeous veil but the bottom half felt a little dated
it's classic but i kinda expected a modern twist from kate..

i must admit loved his (tux) and her second dress more!
and didn't pippa looked amazing as the maid of honour?

what did you think about the dresses?

p.s. i teared a little when she walked down the aisle.


  1. I caught it too! I love how she uses Sarah Burke instead of another typical wedding gown designer! And she has the most awesome cheekbones ever! And I love the obvious restraint between her and her prince throughout the wedding telecast. And Prince Harry was like Mr Social Butterfly!

  2. Oh I love the gown!! To me, it was classic and not dated at all. :) Love how romantic the lace sleeves were, and the whole gown still managed to look most regal.

    Another gown design which I loved that was proposed to her was the one by Valentino. It's so beautifully surreal.

    Wanted to give you the link to one of my fav LJ sites, which shows many lovely designs that were proposed for Kate. But LJ not working now. :( Maybe later!

  3. Oh, here you go:

  4. @Yi Lian

    prince harry was amazingly adorable even tho perving at him makes me feel old! :)

  5. @Jace Tay

    the sketches were awesome! and yeah the valentino one is so gorgeous!!

    thanks babe!

  6. i love pippa's dress!! must say that she has a gorgeous figure. Totally caught my eye

  7. May-Dec romances are all the rage, babe! I'm totally NOT ruling that out, hahahaha! Yah! There was this part when Kate was walking the aisle and Harry looked at her, whispered something to his bro and laughed while William continued to face the altar. So hilarious! I'm wondering what he told his bro - "dude you're one lucky b******"?! hahahaha

    Yes, obviously Harry is my preferred prince! And I have to say I was more blown away by Pippa's dress than the wedding gown. Pippa's so understated and classic yet so sensual and modern.

  8. In total agreement that pippa looked SO good. In fact, i think she offered more surprise to the wedding than kate's dress which i think is gorgeous, but too similiar to grace kelly's. Would have been nice if she had done something different. And although the wedding was sweet, it was way too stiff i thought.

  9. @June

    Babe... Something sleek n sweet like this for your wedding??

  10. @Yi Lian

    Do it Yilian!!! Will you invite me if you marry prince Harry??? I promise to curtesy to your grandmother in law!!!

  11. @kennytricia

    *wedding 5* safe to say we have similar wedding opinions!!! xx

  12. i love all her dresses!!! :D

    the main gown didn't steal the limelight away from her beauty ;)

    kate looked so fabulous, could't resist having my eyes on her the whole time. *girl crush*

  13. @ladytricia

    well said! :) it certainly wasn't over the top and was just elegant and beautiful enough for her! xx


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