Sunday, May 1, 2011

weekend adventures:: lalaport

doesn't the name sound fun and whimsical even? i had a blast this weekend! it was a perfect mix of homeliness & exploration. we're not very good with new adventures because we're so caught up with trying to go back to the same places to do/eat the same things so it takes a lot to pry us away from our routine..

in my world, THIS is a huge deal...

yakun kaya toast & hot coffee in the food court...
just like at home!

and a hot bowl of laksa. 
nevermind that we had it for breakfast...

lalaport toyosu is a waterfront mall not too far from the city (15 mins from home). its actually just another typical huge japanese mall but something about the airy surroundings and the people we met made a difference. for one, its a pet-friendly mall with a huge dog run right outside. and lovely bayside restaurants and a long boardwalk with a lot of space for breezy walks. 

there were children gyms & heaps of cute stores and this humongous pet store where we met a whole bunch of adorable pooches. he was in his usual "holier than thou" self but he had his first taste of (doggy) strawberry shortcake. and LOVED it.. japan is really a great place to raise dogs.

there were also the right mix of stores for all of us. daniel also noticed that the mall had an extraordinary number of "rest areas" that are husband friendly. for example, this outdoor lounge chair with a view of the sea which had musashi wind-swept. he was so happy we almost felt bad when we had to go!

fancy beer place where i left the boys to their own devices..



  1. Love how u guys do so much fun things with the pups. If only SG was as et friendly

  2. @kennytricia

    true! there was this HUGE pet shop with so many cute puppies i told daniel my ovaries are bursting... :)

    there are a tonne of kid friendly places here too! maybe you guys can move here one day!



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