Friday, April 29, 2011

diy:: easter photoshoot

this idea was conceived rather last minute. i had an image in mind but absolutely no fluff, no easter eggs, no basket!! so i rummaged through the kitchen and craft wardrobe. and daniel took some shots!

this was my ideal concept except instead of bunny, 
musashi would lie like an angel... 
on a bed of eggshells and easter candy and smile real big!

picture in the making..

musashi was very curious...

but not very cooperative. he wanted his own bunny to be in the shot. and squirmed. and tried to lick the candied easter eggs. 
he was all over the place.. 
everywhere but where we wanted him to be...

so he got told off a little. 
his ear aptly expressed his apologies here. 

his fuzzy bumbums, out!

we're all excited at home watching the huge william and kate wedding live! 
eunah brought some royal wedding cupcakes & we're all sipping tea in celebration. 
english breakfast, of course!!



  1. cute. just curious, whats the color palatte thing for?

  2. @kennytricia

    It's Daniels toy.. But it helps him correct colour in pictures and something about helping him keep his colours consistent!



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