Wednesday, April 13, 2011

in travel:: nagoya

these pictures are from a long while ago! but i just found them sitting around and baby yoshiki is too cute to not brag. he was in his mummy's tummy at our wedding so this was the first time we were meeting him!! he's a darling and has everyone wrapped around his little finger!

right? see what i mean?

sleepy tiger in mummy's arms!!

we visit nagoya mostly to visit the family and hang out with these awesome folks. there are a few touristy spots like the nagoya castle and atsuta shrine. but if you get temple-d out real fast, like we do, you'll love osu! which is known for their second hand kimonos, fabrics and cute little stores!

i don't believe im sharing this... but its home to one of my favorite "buy & sell" store - komehyo. they have a 6 storey store there which is pure bliss!! shopping there is an adventure each time cos you never know what you'll find!! we have it in tokyo too but the one in osu also carries kimono fabric and all manners of japanese ornaments.. and it helps that daniel is obsessed with their camera section. 

this picture is super lol! 
the behind the scene involves us profusely refusing and gesticulating "dai jo bu des!!" i don't know how to hold babies and daniel prefers to be behind the camera generally but they insisted, hench this awkward shot! yoshiki burst into tears after this.. haha! guess we're not quite THERE yet! :)

my first nozomi ride to nagoya..! it even had electricity plug & wifi so we didn't have to part with our iphones. super cool way to travel! we pick trains over plane any day!

this bad boy passes in a whizzzzzzz! 


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  1. haha... you and D and baby makes a cute family pic :)


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