Tuesday, April 12, 2011

:: five happy things in life ::

it has been really sunny and pretty out! im kinda happy cos it means we can finally go on picnics and run around in the sun! but at the same time, i want it to be colder for just TWO more days so my mum can see cherry blossoms when she arrives!! its sooooo close already! but either way, i think its finally time to pack away the winterwear...

here are some happy snappies of things i'd love to use really often this spring::

le machine

la nouveau lunettes de soleil

 ok. french is c'est difficile! 
my chambray & brass sundress... 

my awesome summer sandals! they remind me of my boss, kelly, bahamas & margeritas! 
a very lethal combination! :)

my slouchy new bag. love!


  1. ahahhahahahahhahah mulburry, i love that bag!

    And those shoes are tres cool :)

  2. @kennytricia

    the bag's lovely! :) i've been fighting it for way too long and finally caved in!

    shoes are from oscar de la renta! aren't they funny? the clip is removable!!

  3. ooh la la i love the bag!!!! great choice for bicycle riding!

  4. @punkychewster

    All my bags now have to be bike friendly!! Bummer!! Cos I love my clutches so much too!! ;(

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  6. française est trés difficille. J'amie beacoup toi nouveau sac! Les chaussures sont si vives et gaies!

  7. @Yingjie

    hahah!! did you have to google translate that too!? cos i sure did! :)

    merci beaucoup. les chaussures are my thing! :)

  8. hahaha i tried not to.. I am suppose to be able to conjugate simple phrases like this without google translate! hahaha =P

  9. @Yingjie

    good on you!! :) i can't decide if french or japanese is more confusing. at the current moment, im going with japanese! *sigh*

  10. Love your summer sandals. They look like so much fun!

  11. @Zakka Life

    can't wait to wear them! :) there so happy!


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