Thursday, April 14, 2011

crafts: paper bag skirt

i've been itching to start making things i can wear. everything tells me im not ready yet but sometimes you just have to try to know!! so i gave it a real go using this tutorial by made. cos it was really well explained, sounded easy enough and the pictures (and her kids) are way toooo cute!

but like my cooking, i can't just follow recipes. i always need to tweak it a little here and there. and i came up with this!

found this really cute polka dotted fabric from nippori. love!

i goofed up the length so i decided to lower the waist line and have a little peeking out from the top. i cinched it with a belt.. and kinda like its frilly effect in the end... 


i didn't like how it looked sideways. i mean i've always wanted to have more of a butt... but don't want it that badly! :)

lesson learnt:: follow recipes. 

and urm. honey, maybe you're not ready for clothes yet!


  1. u know i'm your fan.. but ya, maybe not quite there yet :)

  2. @kennytricia

    hahah!! i tried my best though! mum bought me a sewing clothes book! hopefully that would help! :)



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