Thursday, April 7, 2011

busy like a bee!

today is one of THOSE days!! there are a million errands to run (and a new friend to meet!! yay!) 

and on top of that, i want to squeeze in a half hour window in between and take muffin for a walk to check on the cherry blossoms. a few years ago, when we were visiting japan together for the first time, and caught glimpses of blossoms in passing cos we were a week too early. but i told myself one day, i will spend time enjoying the beauty of it on a hot sunny afternoon. so here i am. 

 you hear of it all the time, in movies like "eat pray love" and in person. a life-changing event that pushes you to live your dream, splurge on the air ticket to paradise, buy that sports car, quit the job you hate... why not now? why not everyday? you don't need a broken heart to remind you that life's short. recently, we've been thinking about life a little. of how wonderful it has been, and how happy we are and more productively, we've been listing down a whole bunch of things that we want to get to together.

let me tell you... our list is super long (and has crazy things like.. live in s.america and learn salsa) but it sends tingles down my spine when i think of all the adventures yet to come.

what's on your life's to-do list? xx


  1. i totally agree: you don't need a broken heart to realize life is short. you have inspired me to write myself a to-do list :)
    and do enjoy the cherry blossoms, they are in full bloom now and just magnificent <3

  2. @chibi

    im glad!! hope your to-do list is filled with fun things too!

    love your blog! :) its adorable!


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