Wednesday, April 6, 2011

weekend snaps:: yokohama

last weekend, we got away from the city for a bit. to urm.. the second biggest city in japan, yokohama! its kinda funny because on the train, you leave crazy crowded shibuya. through the windows, you can see the buildings get shorter and shorter, more spaced apart, less neon lights, then they become mostly little homes with mini gradens, then small gardens, then proper gardens and a few trees. then soon enough, they start getting smaller again, then apartment blocks again and in no time, BAM! you're right smack in the middle of city-city again! :)

one of the things the city is known for is yokohama chūkagai.

chinatowns are the same around the world!!

the same welcoming gates, chintzy souvenirs, the same yelling people and bustling streets filled with chinese calligraphy, yummy sauces, steamy buns and medicated oil. i felt like i was at home! :) 

stuffed with food (chinese food is my major weakness!) we went for a long walk at the waterfront, and found this store :: blue yokohama. the inside was magnificent! styled like an abandoned fisherman's house with rusted anchors, wooden floorboards, ropes! and the darnest sewing room!! vintage yarns, sewing machine and all! the clothes were mostly casuals, jeans and rustic nautical scarves... i was completely in love.

under the "boardwalk"!

in our travels, we bumped into yokohama red brick warehouse. i know it sounds very unsexy but its filled with awesomely stylish stores. it was originally the customs building until someone brilliant decided to change it into a mall!!

it was a great mix of indoors and outdoors! there were heaps of people sipping coffee in outdoor cafes, camping out on the grass with their picnic mats and a tonne of cute dogs taking walks. but seriously check out this man walking his...


and this bunny was fierce. he was hopping along so fast! very cute. and as expected, i was all "boohoo... i miss our munchkin.."

just us for the day...

 bye yokohama! you were great fun!!

till next time!


  1. i see you are breaking out your sun dresses again :)

  2. @kennytricia

    a little premature as you can tell cos i was layering like MAD! but i couldn't wait any longer!!

  3. That self portrait of the 2 of you is really well taken!! =)
    Need a mirrored finish surface for completion=)
    Miss you guys!!!
    you are looking great!

  4. @Yingjie

    we took forever to get this shot. its a really dirty mirror at an art installation fountain.. :) soooo cultured we are! haha!!

    its almost "your" weekend!


  5. E and I lived near Minatomirai for a few months... I LOVED IT! Akarenga is one of my favouritest places in Yokohama <3

  6. @Yingjie

    It's ok!! Better to be safe!! ;)

  7. @Tricia

    Why minatomirai?? Though you lived in Tokyo!!

    It's such a cute area!! ;)


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