Friday, April 8, 2011

japanese treats:: roasted mochi

do you love mochi? back in singapore, its most commonly known as tungyuan (glutinous rice balls stuffed with sweet paste in gingery sugary warm syrup). and we ate them during new year. my late grandfather made the best tungyuan ever. he would make them really teeny tiny in all shades of pink just for me! (cos i don't eat the white ones! how spoilt!) 

the japanese are also very keen on their mochi-s! i absolutely love my daifukus. on the outside, its the chewy glutinous dough, the second tier - red bean paste and a delicious fresh strawberry on the inside. the perfect treat!

when we were in nagoya, daddy made us some roasted mochi over the charcoal pit..

 little mochi bursting outta of their jacket!

baste them in soy sauce and toast them until they brown.. (i triple baste mine! im also crazy about my soy sauce)

then serve it sandwiched between two pieces of crispy seaweed... 

its gooey, crunchy and savoury. and soooo satisfying as a snack. its better over the fire cos it lends a smokey scent to the mochi but (in desperation) i've started toasting it in our oven and it works fine too! give it a go! but keep and eye on these sneaky boys!! they're a pain to clean up if they "explode" in your oven. tried and tested.

i think of them as the japanese version of smores! :)


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