Tuesday, March 1, 2011

weekend fleas:: wood chips

over the weekend, we visited little flea/farmers markets! they were filled with home-grown yumminess.. muddy carrots, turnips, fancy green teas & lovely honey dripping off the comb! in spring, many local farmers come together and have weekend markets! i can't wait to visit all of them!

we got a few bags of wood chips from this really sweet dude! with all the english words in his heart, he tried his best to explain what they were. from what we gather, (and what they look like) we got bags of wood chips to be used そのままで… (as it is).

given that we had no clue what it was, what tipped us over was the smell. it was unbelievably sensational! it was woody, fresh, aromatic and a little minty. the only word i understood from the dude was - camphor! its meant to help with respiratory problems, cough, insects.. a whole bunch of goodness. *shrug*

all i know is, it makes our linen closet smell so amazing i'm hunting this dude down again next weekend! :)

happy tuesday, folks!


  1. camphor balls remind me of my nanna's wardrobe back at the kampung. you know those plastic, zip-up, retro, floral monstrosities? i always thought it was synthetic. never knew camphor trees existed! very neat! wish blogs came with smell-o-vision. bet its nothing nasty like its chemical counterpart.

  2. @guerrrilla

    Smells lovely.. Nothing like the synthetic smelling stuff! (always thought they were mothballs!!)

    Haha!! It would be great if blogs had scents!! What a great idea!! ;)


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