Tuesday, March 1, 2011

letters from the doggie:: two

"hey guys,

how have y'all been?

i've be sick as a dog. quite literally... i caught a little doggie bug and couldn't wake up properly. i was pooped and mopey all day and everyone got really really worried. my london uncle, who is a really clever doctor diagnosed me. i was definitely sick. and i needed to be constantly in mummy or daddy's arms.

it was getting a little uncomfy for mum because im kinda heavy, all of 3 kilos of dogginess. she claims it got difficult to hold me while sewing and cleaning the house. how lame.


*psst* can you tell i finally made it into my parents' bed? *paw-five!*

thank you all for your well wishes but im all better now!! but i've also learnt that if i whimper a little, my parents will both drop everything and come lie with me. a very powerful tool to have! you should definitely try that one day.

oops i think its almost bed time!! gotta run off to hide so they can't put me into bed!

nightey-byesss & xxx,


  1. omigosh! yessss musashi! that whimpering trick works every single time!
    awwww... you're such a clever and cuddly woofie. love the foto of you all nice and snuggly in daddy's arms. made me smile :)

  2. @guerrrilla

    That fluff ball has his daddy wrapped around his little paws! It's so hard to kick him outta bed when he looks like that!! ;)

    Happy Wednesday to you, sweets!! ;)

  3. haha, mus looks like he just melted into D's arms :)

  4. Don't worry! popo is coming soon to help yr mum to accompany you. poor little thing!(xiao dong xi)

  5. @Boon Siang

    yes mama! come soon! we're keeping his hair long so you can see him! :) its so long now, he can't see properly!

    so come soon!!



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