Monday, February 28, 2011

crafts:: leather belt for scarves

there are not many more pieces in your wardrobe that can do as much as than a beautiful scarf. better still if its an hermes! i cannot even begin to tell you how gorgeous i think they are! they look so beautiful on the wall.. you almost feel bad wearing them! 

i love how it just add a little touch of colour in your everday outfit! i've recently dipped my toe into the world of scarves. a small indulgence for a big impact!

i usually wear mine as a (duh) scarf, ribbon around my shirt, hair tie, headband, bracelet and sometimes a neat little bow on my bag. recently hatched a plan to wear my twilly around my waist as a ribbon. according to some website, some (presumably teeny-tiny) girls do that but seriously..with 33"? it does not go around my waist with decent length for a bow. or a knot. or anything.

so i came up with this little tutorial! :)
you'll need a length of material and (2) "D" hooks. i chose a 3/4" dark brown leather by the meter. and two bronzed antiqued hooks. both can be found in common craft stores. for variety, you can also use a velvet or grosgrain ribbon for a more casual and fun look!

measured the length i needed, and added 8 cm on both ends. i made mine longer as i would like to wear it both on my hips and my waist. i finished the ends with pinking shears cos they looked cuter that way.

sew the hooks in to both end. reinforced it with double stitching! and we're done!

seriously the fastest project ever! :)

a snug little bow with sweaters

blah work clothes? jazz it up with swish of color!

 outside your trench.

 or a little peekaboo action from under the sweater.

how it looks with jeans! cute!

its kinda adorable when i wore swiveled it around and wore belt up front with a bow on the behind! :) i kinda wish every diy project is as easy and versatile as this one!
have fun with it! :)


  1. aiyoooh. you make it look soooo easy! *envy* was wondering if you used a needle for leather on the sewing machine?

    my faave styling of your scarbelt? is the one where the ends barely peek from under the jumper. very stylo milo.

  2. @guerrrilla

    i promise! it was dead simple! the most difficult part was the awkward self shots that came after it was done!

    i used the same fabric needle on the sewing machine! but if it were any firmer, i might have changed to a hardier needle! :)

  3. wah! looks too easy to be true! if so, i will scout for scarves when i go thrift store hunting in a few weeks!

  4. @sillyfaery

    its dead simple babe! :) i love vintage scarves! they have the best patterns! :)

    kayla:: thanks for visiting! :) give it a go! its super fun to make!

  5. @kennytricia

    did you buy your sewing machine yet? :)

  6. unfortunately not :(

    no sewing machine, no pup...

    n thanks for thinking of me in your kitchen... hope u r enjoying the cooking

  7. I love this! Thumbs-up for every single one of them!

  8. @kennytricia

    it'll come in due course! :) ginger chicken - success!!

  9. @Jace Tay

    thanks babe! :) the posing was the hardest part! haha!

  10. i would totally buy these! cuteness :)

  11. @Tricia

    Dont buy!! Make it dear!! It's quite easy!! U can even handstitch! ;)


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