Tuesday, March 22, 2011

nagoya:: into the wild

daddy mizuno decided that everyone needed a break so he packed up the entire family and carted us to his "weekend" home. you know how some people have summer homes? this is where is spends most of his weekends. its really near to a golf course so after a game or two, he heads over here to chill out and work in the garden. in the city, we're all suited up and our homes - sparkley and mechanized and tiny. so once in a while, its nice to get your hands dirty, dig up your own dinner from the ground and get a breath of fresh air.

the house is japanese style and spacious enough to accommodate 15. it is actually equipped with most modern day luxuries, a heated toilet seat, tub and kitchen appliances aplenty. dad was fascinated with an actual fire stove so he built one in dining room from scratch. the type you build your own crackley fire that makes the whole room smell like christmas. i loved it!! as we sat around the dining table hanging out with the family, we cut up a bunch of food for a hot pot to share. absolute bliss.

behind the house, there was a little veggie patch. its a little bare now as they are prepping for spring/summer fruits!

initiating our city dog (and boy) with mother nature.

brought the city bird to interact with the wild birds and be inspired. learn how to "sing new tunes" was the exact concept.. if i had fresh fruit, fresh air and the plum blossoms to stare at all day, i'll sing any tune you want! just sayin'!

our little mushrooms! hmm... shitake...

 snack time! shoyu shitake & a little cast-iron pot of soju!

by afternoon, musashi was more genki and loved running through the trenches between the rows of spring onions. we don't let him run free in the city cos of the pet rules so this was a treat for him.

as expected, got into some mischief when he snuck into the watermelon patch, protected from birds, wild boars and little dogs. winced for his daddy when little paws got all tangled up.

he loved his long country-side walks with us. 

p.s. he is due for his haircut. so he now sports a cutie high ponytail like a school girl.

it was also a nice way to spend some time with the family as we've only seen little baby yoshiki once since his birth! he is such a happy and healthy baby who loves being in the center of attention. poor musashi was a little overwhelmed at times and felt a little left out. awww... the perils of an only child!

the men and their babies! 

when we got back into the nagoya city, my heart felt so much lighter and happier. the husband a little smilier (my love has under a bit of stress relocating all of us to safety). even our little munchkin who was all teary-eyed and unsettled was bouncy and charming again. so maybe going back to nature did all of us some good.



  1. Sounds like the little getaway did you a whole lot of good! Aww, Japanese babies are JUST. SO. CUTE. Nom nom nom his cheeks...

  2. @Yi Lian

    he is SUPER adorable!! his legs are so so chunky like michelin tire man!!

    did i mention he is only 6 mths old?

  3. I love the sight of fluffballs running around in dirt... such a happy sight

  4. @kennytricia

    isn't it? such abandonment! you can tell he was so happy that day!


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