Monday, March 21, 2011

we're home!

tadaima!! :) 

we have loads and loads of washing bubbling away, the little one reacquainted with his pillow and rabbit and a long well-deserved soak in our tub. nothing in the news has really changed since we've left (japanese still stoic, insists that they have the nuclear plants under control. international news having a field trip with all sorts of nuclear experts flying in to analyze) but we felt like it was time to come back to our lives here. and help rebuild this new home of ours, bit by bit! 

im absolutely knackered with the cross-country travel but will write more on our little adventures down south!

meanwhile, i'll leave you with the lingering taste (or just a peek) of freshly picked shitake mushroom. its nothing like the ones in the supermarket! the mushroomy taste is intoxicating and almost sweet! hmmm.. delish!

right off the log couple seconds ago and grilled over charcoal by dad.

absolutely to die for! :)


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