Tuesday, March 22, 2011

for japan:: hello sandwich

hello sandwich's absolutely charming gift wrapping zine ($5) is for sale to help raise funds for the japan quake survivors and to help rebuild japan. it has cute little ideas on how to dress up a gift using everyday things in the home. each page is adorable and bursting with sunshine!

here is another way for you to donate through buying :: pay for japan

we are expecting deteriorating weather in japan this week. snow and rainfall this evening which is kinda crazy because its already late march. we've also experienced a few shakers at home today. but mostly, our hearts go out to the people in quake & tsunami-affected prefectures, where thousands were made homeless and have been kept in freezing temperature.

things are certainly starting to get better but there is still shortage of water, heater and basic necessities. and for some, they have to rebuild their lives from scratch. so help, in whatever way you can. :)


  1. Hi Zhing,
    I thought you might find this interesting. The japanese' way of explaining the nuclear situation to children. how creative! :)

    I hope you, Daniel and Musashi are well in Tokyo!


  2. Oops, here is the link:


  3. @Anonymous

    thanks!! i can't see the embedded video but is it the "nuclear boy" video?? :)


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