Tuesday, March 29, 2011

letters from doggie:: four

"hi everyone,

its me, musashi!

just last week, mum & dad took me away (to run away from the possible nuclear meltdown and) to meet the family. everybody LOVED me, especially grampa. i got a special chair to watch tv from, i got fed from the dinner table secretly (against my parents' wishes. shh.. don't tell) and went to all the grown-up restaurants. cos grampa said it was ok. cos i was his pet. and cos i would curl up in my bag quietly while they ate. my parents were very very proud.

but im kinda mad at them. guess what!?! they left bunnybuns alone!! at home!! didn't they know that they're meant to carry everything that's important to them?? and bunny is my everything. still mad.

making up for lost time..

sorry bunnybuns. i promise to take you everywhere i go.

cos you're my best friend. forever.

p.s. i know im getting REALLY fuzzy. but there is apparently radiation in the water thats ok for grown ups but bad for babies.. and i guess im tinier than a regular baby. so i've only been drinking (imported) bottled water all week. mum doesn't trust that the pet stylist will give me a bath in filtered water. so we're waiting it out. anyway, i hate baths and haircuts. so its fine with me

my paws are so overgrown i skid around the house like im on skates.. its kinda fun! you should try it one day!

toodles noodles!

musashi + bunnybuns"


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  2. Your dog is so cute! And such an accomplished blogger, too! =)
    I loved the lingerie you constructed in a previous post. I'm a freelance clothing designer, so I love seeing other women work their magic!
    Kristina J.

  3. he's one sweetie pie!

  4. @Kristina

    thanks for visiting kristina! :) love your blog! i'll be adding you to my reader! xx

  5. @fernoftheforest79

    OMG i just read your entry on NEX dog cafe! when we left singapore, it was not even built now! and even though its not a perfect cafe im too excited that such things are starting in singapore!!

    there is hope for little M when we go home one day! :) xx

  6. I wouldn't think about going to the NEX cafe again actually.

    Although there is still a lot more for improvement, Singapore is getting a bit more dog friendly, you just have to sniff them out!

    Most of them are in the Robertson Walk area. We brought Rusty to Ippudo Tao the other day! =)

  7. @fernoftheforest79

    seriously!? they allow dogs in ippudo?! how cool is that!!

    there was a doggie bakery near rivervalley road that i used to stop by to pick up snacks for the pooches!! hope its still there. the treats were YUMS!

  8. Hi Zhing, did you make the bunny? I will like to make one, but need some measurements. can you help? xoxo

  9. @telmi

    i didn't come up with this one myself (wish i did!)

    but its from here!! http://www.weewonderfuls.com/wee-bunny.html

    p.s. mine looks TERRIBLE compared to the original so hope yours will turn out great!!


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