Wednesday, March 30, 2011

spring cleaning:: tips & ideas

due to the recent quake, there has been a hiccup in our april plans, our back-to-back visitors have all cancelled on us.. which to be honest was a little disappointing but at the same time a hidden blessing. because that means that we have time for new plans and adventures, right? 

but we've been a little lazy on the cleaning front because no one is gonna see us slumming in our mess. just last night, everything changed! our family took the open schedule as an open invitation and ALL booked in tickets to come see us! and we've been doing the jiggley dances all night!! 

hurray for family! :)


so today, spring cleaning begins! first thing i wanna tackle is our work desks. because we don't have a study, our computer and sewing desks are in open plan which is great for family bonding cos i spend most of my time pottering on the craft table & computer. but it also means that our everyday mess/inspiration/paperwork is exposed and a little cluttery!!

how do you organize your study? your ideas and tips are greatly welcomed!



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