Monday, March 28, 2011

food:: hummus

the boy is out having drinks with his team. which means the kitchen is all mine!! i was feeling particularly adventurous and mixed up my first ever batch of hummus!!

loosely following my mother-in-law's & jamie oliver's recipe! i also threw in a bunch of whole sesame seeds to give it a little more crunch... hmm delish! (thanks ma, the hand blender works like a charm!)

hummus works great as a veggie dip and as a side with toasted pita! i like mine with breadsticks, cherry tomatoes and a crack of sea salt! back in our cambodian days, we used to frequent this little middle eastern restaurant, which served hummus with little hunka meat in a wrap!! its so squishy & yummy i could eat this all day!


  1. i also lovee cream cheese + lemon juice. my all time favorite! super yums and fuss free for lazy bums like me! try it if you haven't : )

  2. @elle whye

    hmmmm!! I've not tried!!! im going out to buy cream cheese and lemon later!!! :) xx

  3. I like to use fresh bell peppers as "chips" for a low carb hummus dinner :) We made it at home a lot after we got our food processor, but since living in PA it's been confined to storage :(

  4. @Noel Mahler

    great idea!! i miss regular size bell peppers!! the ones in japan are the size of fingers!!

    seriously! (


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