Tuesday, February 15, 2011

weddings:: suman & qian

happy valentines' day! did you all have a fabulous time? the two of us unanimously agreed to hit our favorite burger joint. and guess what? we were the only ones there!! awesome! i guess the japanese don't do burgers when celebrating love! :) 

im having a really great day! and would also like to share pictures from a recent wedding we attended. 

late last month, we flew into kolkata for our friend's wedding. the journey there was an adventure in itself but everything was worth it in the end!! and we had a great time dodging traffic, bargaining for bracelets and eating amazing indian food with them!

my gorgeous girlfriend whom i spent most of my time with in our university days. she's the coolest gal. she is the one friend i go to when i need an honest opinion. has no qualms telling me in my face to quit behaving like a princess (apparently, that's a bad thing.) and at the same time, she makes me laugh till my face aches. despite the bad haircuts, her 6 mth belated birthday cake and my incessant teasing of her adoration of bart simpson, she loves me still...

and when me and daniel were in that we're-kinda-sorta-seeing-each-other-but-actually-not-quite phase, she was the only one that told me that we were TOTALLY ALL OVER EACH OTHER and seriously we need to get on with it. what great advice. :)

well, she married one of the most amazing guys i know. im never very keen on my girlfriends' dudes. but suman is a rare exception. aside from his great personality, they're really really good for each other. 

did i mention they're our dance inspiration? when we grow up we wanna be like them. they're the driving force behind dance unlimited!

for this wedding, she wore a traditional sari and got it there a week ago! the beading was amazing and so intricate! i loved it!

in addition to the amazing indian fare offered at the wedding, they set up a "street food" fair for the out of town guests to try all the road-side food without worrying about delhi belly! it was so much fun. OMG the panni puri! and i ate soooo many of them i even made pals with the panni puri man!!

oh! did i mention there were fireworks too!? it was such a treat to be so close and not jostling with a whole bunch of people.. fireworks at a wedding. *sigh* if i had another wedding...

yes little one, i would also like some fireworks at my wedding.


my shiny companion for the evening! it was great to check on runny make-up and so very fierce!!

us goofing around on the red carpet! no paparazzi. thanks!

congrats guys, we love you both so much more than josh groban, salt and panni puri!! xx


  1. New blog is looking very good - congrads on moving ;-)

  2. @astrorainfall @ beauty box

    thanks babe!! :) yayy! thanks for the vote of confidence!!

    next meal's on me!

  3. Gosh, the sari's (saree?) is amazing! Your friend looks beautiful in it. :)

  4. @Ruth

    she was absolutely glowing! :) i can't wait to see her in her cheongsam!


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