Tuesday, February 15, 2011

shopping in tokyo:: afternoon tea

one of my favorite shop in tokyo is afternoon tea. they offer a wide selection of well-designed & uber cute homewares, clothes, accessories and food. the style of their products are very anthropologie with a japanese twist. think lace, patchwork with little embellishments! and their cafe has a relaxed european feel to it.

come shopping with me!

do you remember how you felt in high school when you see hello kitty?? (or at least when I saw hello kitty) i now feel the same euphoria when i see zakka (small things that improve your life) things now!

im hopeless with table linens. but aren't they lovely?

nautical colours on glass. so super cute!

and cutie matching baby bibs and toys..

 fancy clothes for your iphone. the colours and dots reminds me of a kate-spade coat im lusting after.. i was tossing up between the red one with aqua border and the white ones.

camera pouches that read "camera" and book sleeves that read "book" so genius!!

it's an awesome place to shop for gifts for your girlfriends. or just pick up a spot of happiness to spoil yourself with.

you made my heart skip a beat! :)

afternoon tea
address:  2-9-6 jiyugaoka, meguro-ku, tokyo (東京都目黒区自由が丘2-9-6) 
outlets in: shinjuku (flagship store), shibuya, harajuku & maranouchi.


  1. I can so see u sewing those table linens yourself!

    You are doing this comments thing way better than me. But not sure why your reply doesn't get sent to my email though.

    And i so so so love the cupcake in front of your webpage link in the header thingy! How d'ya do it?!

  2. I love the iPhone 4 case!!!

  3. so cute! i've linked you through my blogspot :)

    equinox-han (from LJ)

  4. @kennytricia

    its called a favicon! i did it using a web tutorial! can you drop me an email i'll forward you the link!!!

    (sorry i can't find that LJ comment where you left me your email addy! im at tzeying(at)gmail(dot)com)

    la chamelle:: welcome to blogspot!! *blogger five*

  5. i wanna scream KAWAIII!! when i see the stuff afternoon tea sells! so pretty :D

  6. @ladytricia

    they're pretty good quality! :) and i love how if you shop for your entire house in this shop, it will all match in a shabby chic way! :)

    and that, my dear, is where my entire paycheck disappears to!

  7. Hi zhing! Love your blog and stumbled upon it by accident trying to order more of this AMAZING Sakura dressing bath salt in Sakura Milky from Afternoon Tea. I discovered it when I was in this adorable store last week visiting by boyfriend in Tokyo. We love this product!!! Do you know if it's available for order online or else I'll have to wait another month when my boyfriend is back in Tokyo for work to get more. You should try it next time you're there:)

    Diane from Houston

    1. hi diana!

      thanks for cisiting! and thanks for the recommendation! imma go check it out this week! :)

      afternoon tea has an online store (http://shop.afternoon-tea.net/) im not 100 % if they ship internationall but sakura themed products are popular in these few months! so stock up next time he is back!



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