Monday, February 14, 2011

diy projects :: ballerina tutu

i've always been mildly obsessed with the ballet. everything about it the lithe stick-think dancers, the music, ballerina flats and especially the light flouncy skirts! it adds a bounce to your step even when you're wearing one just because!!

one things that i wear to death is my yellow tutu. but it has been showing signs of wear and tear so i decided to make myself one!

i knew i wanted one in the style of giselle and swan lake. a long flowy one with many airy tiers. and i knew i didn't want pink or white. choosing other colours give me an illusion that i'm all grown up! (nevermind the fact that i still wear tutus!)

every girl needs a tutu, no?

so eventually i choose a mix of greys and pale blue.

im was thinking to wear it with my grey winter jacket so it peeks out from below. and my cute polka dotted tights. and my peep-toe chloe heels.

but i'll let you in on a little secret. *shh* i made a silly error on skirt and it doesn't really meet at the back. its really not like im walking around town with an exposed derriรจre because there is an underlining also in the same shade. BUT im a little conscious so i think this might be my home tutu. 

colour ideas for my next tutu?

p.s. thank you all for visiting my new home... :) im very excited to fill it up with heaps of cute things.. hope you're having a wonderful valentine's day!!

xxx, zhing


  1. you are just too adorable darling. i love that tutu on you!

  2. love it!
    Do it in the same color! With the under layer in grey polkadots? Hahha or would that be too funky..

    Aww... and thanks for thinking of me when u decided on the switch, though i think your other tricia friend have a more amazing blogspot :)

  3. next tutu? how about a dark grey one?

  4. I'm obsessed with one I had seen before... black with pink ribbon trims. Hah. I can't get the colour combi out of my head. I think it is classic with a feminine twist.

    Of course it isn't all that classic but I am delusional like that!

  5. that's just too cute!

  6. What about some Spring colours?

  7. @Miss Kim

    miss kim:: lets wear it out on wednesday! xx

    happy v day! :)

  8. @kennytricia i did see some polka dotted ones!! maybe next one!!

    i'll pass on the compliment to trish! she is an amazing photographer!

    p.s. am i doing this commenting thing right? or will EVERYONE receive each response to each person?

    p.p.s. sorry is EVERYONE and their mother is receiving my responses! im obviously not super good at this!!!

  9. Yay! Glad to see you in blogspot too! That way, I can read you on my Home screen! <3

  10. hi, like your new home , blogspot, and you look good in your tutu skirts. can sew one for me too?

  11. @Boon Siang

    of course mama!! :) are you really going to wear a tutu?!

    what colour do you want?

  12. I dun mind if it is black or Navy blue, what do you think?

  13. Love this... Would you put it up in your etsy shop so I could get you to make one for my little lemon possibly for her first birthday! :)


  14. @J xxx

    hi sweetums! i would LOVE to make one for little clover. but... i made one for andrea and it was so disappointingly ugly! (not the girl.. the dress!)

    when i improve i'll make one for little clover!!!

  15. Love this! You're such a stunner!


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