Thursday, February 24, 2011

favorite things:: yoshinoya.

when i first moved to the states, i was a vegan. not for religious or health reason but just cause i didn't fancy meat that much.

but there was only one nasty exception. i'd ate hotdogs... all the time! :) the worst thing is its just the nastiest mystery meat ever!! because i didn't fancy the fine gourmet ones.. i was always hankering after a good ole cheap weiner hotdog by the dozen! and in new york, there was not one time i could pass a dirty waterdog stand without having one! my co-workers were scandalized by my unclassy meat options!! till today, i can't say no to a good american hotdog

... i still eat meat selectively but good news is, i've found my japanese meaty bff!!

a piping hot bowl of gyudon!!

my favorite one of them all is the yoshinoya sukiyaki gyudon bowl. its similar to the classic bowl but with clear vermicelli (tung hoon) and ONE toufoo. i'll usually get it with a kimchi set, which comes with a little bowl of miso soup and top it up with a tonne of pickled ginger. i tell myself that it helps me balance the meal a little.

gyudon in japan is kinda known as their fast-food equivalent. at lunch hour, it would be packed full of suited gentlemen slurping up their rice bowl in 5 mins flat, including ordering time! i love it! its fuss free, the menu is clear cut with pictures, you order, you wolf it down with gusto and after you're done eating, you yell "gochisousamadeshita!!", you pay and you're out! till today, i've not beat a single man eating (in volume and in time! but still working on it) its kinda unfair because they've all had almost 10 years headstart!

but you wanna know the funniest thing? i never see girls eating here! :) its always just me, slumming out with the boys! i can always see them eyeing me discreetly when i tackled my gyudon! i imagine they must be thinking, "cripes! this lady eats like a man!" or maybe.. "this sister's got street cred, yo! yoshinoya is dope, dawg.."


  1. hello!!

    i am intending to give a friend some cushions as a housewarming present to match his very boring charcoal coloured muji couch. He is super into street art (murakami, banksy etc) and DIY (he recently made his own TV display out of wine crates). hmm any crafting ideas?


  2. haha... u should teach the boys the fine art of eating slowly... or make them jealous that u can afford the time to eat slowly :)

    How did the sesame ginger chicken go?

  3. @la chamelle

    hi dear! cushions sound great!! my fear with artsy people is they always already KNOW specifically what they like in mind! but you can get him a few throw cushions with a pop of colour or a original banksy framed artwork, or to match the winecrate tv display, this DIY idea sounds fun and easy enough to make ( xx

    tricia:: hahaha! c'est difficile! plus im up for any challenge! there was once dad called me mid-meal and i told him i needed to go cos he's slowing me down! haha! :)

    i made the pongteh instead. AMAZING!!!! Im eating lefties for lunch today. yums!! :) thanks so much!

  4. yeah i used to wonder about that too - women not eating at Jap "fast food" joints that sell soba, udon, gyudon, ramen etc. A Japanese friend explained to me that 1) it's unladylike to be seen eating in a place like that (ie. lots of men chowing down in a hurry with plenty of noise) 2) the food is usu fattening and oily so Japanese women don't eat such such places anyway. go figure. it's mind-boggling for a Singaporean used to seeing men AND women eating the oiliest, fattiest food at hawker centres....;)

  5. @astrorainfall @ beauty box

    im half convinced japanese ladies don't eat. i only ever see them in dainty high tea places & little bakeries!!

  6. Er, not sure if I mentioned but I made the social faux pas of eating at Yoshinoya ALONE when I first arrived in Tokyo. It was hot, delicious and oh-so-affordable and I couldn't resist it!

    But then I realized the very same thing- that I would be the only lady happily wolfing down my food surrounded by salarymen.

    So I asked my ex P why, and he laughed and told me girls aren't supposed to dine in Yoshinoya because it's too unglam- we're supposed to eating in chi chi cafes with proper lunch sets and what-nots.

    Bah! I must admit I very rarely ate there afterwards (unless I had a male friend with me)!

  7. @Tricia

    hahaha!! guilty as charged! :) japanese is a complex culture!

    when im eating alone i rather do it quickly and move on with life.. sitting in a chichi resto with fine cutlery and 3 courses will jsut make me feel more awkward!! hahaha!! :)

    good thing daniel loves it as much as i do!

  8. I'd never have guessed that women weren't to be seen at Yoshinoya! I used to love eating their rice bowls but have found that the standard has dropped. At least those in Singapore. Bleahz!

  9. @Ruth

    It tastes completely different from the one in singers!! ;) you should try it here one day! ;) but go in with your family or your pal as suggested!! ;)

    Happy weekend!!


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