Thursday, February 24, 2011

crafts: a snuggley doggie bed

thanks to your well-wishes, emails & prayers, our sickly puppy is on the mend! we still have no clue what's wrong with him but we reckon he is at 50% of his original bounce and energy! hopefully, he'll be back in action in no time!

sorry i keep talking about puppy crafts... truth is, i make heaps of things for daniel but they're usually functional and mono-colour (read: black = boring!) and its so hard to make those crafts look sexy. plus puppy things are just cuter!!

inspired by this tutorial, i decided to make little musashi a doggie bed. there are some in the market but i wanted something with cute fabric. so i rolled up my sleeves and got down to it last week.

to start, i picked a super soft flannel fabric from nippori. also decided to add an extra layer on the inside so it gives us an option to launder the outer layer without putting stress on the stuffing. for the inside layer, i used an old set of terry-towel bedsheets..

musashi approves of my fabric choice. he was rolling around in fabric all night. we had to lint roll him at the end of the night and he hated that part..

such a stickybeak!! he was poking his nose into everything. he's lounging on the inner stuffing, while im fixing the zip of the outside..

and then his daddy took some proper pictures...

he's a total ham!

as musashi was getting better, daniel & i realized that we belong to very different "sick" camps.

he thinks that when you're ill you should go out, get some fresh air and DO THINGS! let your body's natural defences get stronger and fight the battle. but i belong to the camp that believes that when you're sick. its your body's way of telling you that you need a break. so you're allowed to rug up, mope lots and sleep heaps.. this might be one of the most major things we disagree on!!

so help me out, here! should i bundle my little fluffy mess into our bed and take a snooze? or should we head out into the cold for a walk. what do you think?


  1. Stay at home!!!! snuggle in bed with your doggie.. :)

  2. Hhaha... i belong to the Daniel camp only if its cold outside :)
    The cold instantly uplifts me. Everytime i am on the red eye and land someplace cold, i forget all aboout the fatigue and get back my bounce

    But...I would definitely chose the stay home option in sunny n humid singapore! It just doesn't work here.

    And Musashi is SO CUTE!!! You are seriously making me want to get a pup!

  3. @kennytricia

    get one!! :) then musashi can have a friend to play with when we're back in singapore!

    hao:: im with u!

  4. Hmmm. I say let the dog give you cues. I think they instinctively know what they need.

    Then again dogs... they do aim to please. When my cats were sick they'd sleep and sleep and one day wake up feeling a bit better, have small snack, perhaps pop into the living room to say hi and then go back to bed... Maybe dogs tend to want to be with their peeps even if very sick?

  5. @Generic Jen B

    the little one instinctively need cuddles! human attention! kisses. he is stickier than ever. :) i wonder if this whole sick-thing is one big attention scam!!

    kitty cats are so adorable and independant!

  6. The last picture is just too adorable!

    And you're right, being sick = staying at home, not going out and become "sicker", if there's such a thing. :)


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