Friday, February 25, 2011

crafts: sparkley hairband tutorial

woohoo! its friday!! :) and im all geared up for date night & a lovely weekend visiting kichijoji and running in the park with little mus!! 

a few days ago, i spotted this completely adorable headband from wikstenmade. isn't it a darling? i was feeling a little down this morning, just looking at the long list of house chores i had to tackle. but this project seems simple enough to complete in half hour... but the challenge was to only use bits and bobs around the house!! :)

step one:: found some sparkley fabric i once bought thinking to turn them into tree ornaments!! perfect for what i have in mind...

step two:: downloaded some stars from here and run it thorough our home printer!

step three:: pin the paper cut-out on the fabric and snip away! (meanwhile, keep an eye on your mopey dog in the background)

step four:: dug out some lace elastic ribbon. p.s. i absolutely love love my vintage wooden spools!! santa claus sent some in my christmas stocking!

step five:: decided i'd use the white one to complement my white stars and aligned them on the elastic.

step six:: run a simple stitch over the elastic to attach the stars. if you don't have a sewing machine, a hand-stitching would work fine too! 

and we're done!! i completed the project in less than half hour! (check!) and with material that i found in my home (check). here's how it looks with a bunhead...

turns out photobooth on the macbook makes a really loud camera noise and woke up little munchkin! this is how the hairband looks with hair let down and this is musashi with bed hair! :) best picture ever!

with a spring in my step and stars on my head, watch me go tackle my mountain-load of laundry! 



  1. Awww... love his out-of-bed look!!!

  2. i've been wanting to leave a comment on your blog like for-ever!! ( i couldnt cause i have no LJ account). hur! hur! finally :P

    was wondering how you came up with the name musashi? same name as these crazy ass beefing up supplement brand from Oz! haHaha!!

    i soooo get you and musashi. i've got a very fat cat i adore very very very much!! i think it takes a fellow pet owner/ brethren to understand that bond. stay warm y'all!!

  3. @guerrrilla

    thanks for dropping in! :)

    he was given that name by the shelter. but in japan, musashi is the name of a famous warrior (hence the beefing up supplement, i reckon!) :)

    tricia:: love it too! sometimes it looks goofier if he sleeps at an awkward angle! :)

  4. musashi is such a dear! hee and i love your hairband!

  5. @ladytricia

    thank you! :) the boy mentioned that in the pictures, the hairband looks oversized but in real it actually tinier! :)

    happy weekend hon!

  6. Please do more craft tutorials love! I like how the hairband turns out!

  7. @samantha-evons

    Hi hon!! Thanks for visiting!!! ;)

    I will!! I always forget to take pictures which is my main problem when it comes to tutorials!! Haha!!

    Happy weekend!! X


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