Monday, January 31, 2011

yuki des

despite my nasty bout of cold, i dragged myself out of bed. daniel's philosophy about discipline and responsibility. frankly, i was too ill to email my boss.

so honey lemon, cough meds, cold tablets and me made it into work on sunday. *sigh* only to be treated with my first flurry of snow in tokyo and the luxury of having the only classroom in school with windows. and even though the backdrop of roppongi was not as romantic as i would have liked, it was so so pretty and it sure put a spring in my step all afternoon.

it was magical. and im all better now..

you know what the french say... "a year of snow, a year of plenty."

im ready for the plenty!!


  1. *sending lotsa virtual hugs and good vibes over*
    get well soon!!

  2. thanks sweets...
    recovering already! spoilt by heaps of love from everyone and daniel's "bu tang" (hot soups) :)

  3. thanks! :) how else to enjoy the snow!
    i can imagine you must be giggling over on your end at my excitement of my sprinkling of snow! :) you must be sick of snow by now! :)

  4. I adore Vanessa Paradis. She makes me sick! She's perfect! ;-)

  5. @Generic Jen B

    that and the fact that she is dating johnny depp! :(


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