Sunday, January 30, 2011

daily adventures in yoyogi park

a couple weeks ago, we decided we were going to do something fun involving musashi. so we packed him up in his carrier and took the little munchkin to a HUGE park! so big we hardly covered it!

we first heard of yoyogi in the context of their ellusive flea markets where i quote, "there (were) vintage chanel and ferragamo bags for sale just like pasar malam. but all real!!". but never found it!! but since its one of the biggest public parks in tokyo within reasonable distance from home, so we thought we'd give it a go. still no flea market in sight but there were so many people enjoying the cold outdoors, groups of children playing baseball, people practising their musical instruments and of course cute dogs out for walks. apparently, also a popular place for running groups to convene and train which made daniel a little "inggit" (envious).

musashi looking a little shellshocked. it was a cold day and he got dressed in his doggie puffer and scarf. smart choice, buddy!

looking a little apprehensive. i guess in our little apartment, he is really not too used to having space to run.

but once he discovered the charms of running and rolling in crunchy autumn leaves, there was no stopping!

worst part of his day - when i clean his face..

balancing carefully on a wooden stump for some pictures..

cuddles with dad!! i guess we overdid the running a little because when he was all covered in bits of leaves and dirt. and became a little grey dog!! and he was so pooped he fell sound asleep in his carrier even before we got home. and the cutest thing was his doggie-mares all night long. he'd yelp and bark and gesticulate wildly at nothing. its kinda funny and "poor-thing" at the same time.

oh... im missing the sunshine this weekend. im nursing a nasty nasty bout of cold at home, all rugged up with warm teas and soups. we did promise the little one that we'd go to Inokashira park in Kichijoji (吉祥寺) this weekend so he could get a breath of fresh air. sorry muffinpie, i guess you'd have to settle for some germy cuddles at home instead...


  1. He got pretty bad tear stains ah? can try snipping his hair ard the eyes off n letting it grow back.
    and doggie scarf? cool! Hes got the coolest wardrobe! one handsome boy.

  2. i think he's overwhelmed with the running abouts, thats why the dog-mares!
    exactly like a little human bean!

  3. did just that! :) we got him a hair cut today and his hair is mostly gone, just a little brownish now!
    hope we can keep up with the cleaning!!

  4. hahah! exactly like little child, huh?
    he's a muffin!

  5. Looking great here gal! And dun worry, musashi will soon be no more tear stains!!!

  6. aren't seasons fun? i love jumping around in the leaves!
    and i think you look like your friend judy in this pic!

  7. and hearing the crunching of leaves.. love it! :) make the chills worth it!!
    thanks so so much babe!! im so happy! :) that's the BEST compliment ever!
    p.s. do you miss the warmth??

  8. yayy! :) its gone!
    his daddy took the liberty to tell the grooming gals he'd like a SHORT cut! who does that in the middle of winter, right???
    so now i have a freezing dog that looks pink and naked! BUT in better news, his tear stains are trimmed off, so now we just have to keep the exisiting hair clean!!!

  9. :) haha too cute.. more walks for the lil one.
    Gosh i hope I'd be prepared for the weather in March.

  10. he is so cute!! i wish our doggies could play!

  11. me too!! :) if and when we move back to singapore, we'll definitely set up a play date for all of them! (and of course lola too!!)

  12. the weather march is fairly mild compared to now! in fact, next week on, the weather will warm up already!! but coming from singapore, i'd suggest you bring more warm clothes.
    our last visit to tokyo (before we moved here was in early april) and looking at the weather forecast, it was alright so i brought spring clothes. but it was colder than that!!
    gla you decided to come eventually! :) you'll have a blast! be sure to include an onsen trip so you can chill out a little!!

  13. :) i'll ask you again for live weather updates nearer the date!!


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