Tuesday, February 1, 2011

how to cycle chic?

my dear little bike has taken me to awesome places. but as most people have pointed out, its a little sportier than i am. i had wanted a mamachari (a utility bike) with a basket and a step-through frame so a, i can wear skirts and b, there is a place to perch my ladybags. but instead, i was taken by its clean, matt black finish and crazy gears. such a sucker..

meanwhile, my bike fashion has gone wayward. in my defense, its SUPER cold these days in japan. so the only thing that works on my bike is pants/jeans, thermal fleece and my down jacket. (and sometimes even a balaclava) oh! and sensible shoes. i have pair of patent stilettos with completely scoffed up sole and leather. pain.. also, because i've successfully ruined the base of my kate-spades slinging it over the handlebars, i've stopped carrying purses. bag of choice - handmade pink polka dotted sling bag. cute but hardly chic or sexy.

even my sweet pals judge me and toss me a "oh! you're riding today, huh?" when they see my outfit. just a sidenote, on regular non-biking day, i DO NOT dress like a man with pink polka-dotted bag. im very aware that its not a good look for me.

so, im told all of them french women look this way on their bikes cruising down the seine. je ne comprends pas. surely it must be cold out there and she doesn't look like she is wearing a down jacket under that oh-so-chic cape..

so question is: 

1) how in the world am i going to look like this madly stylish french lady? (for real, your hat doesn't fly off when you ride?)
2) or should i suck it up and bust out the ladybags and pencil skirts still? 
3) do i need to buy a new bike?

{picture via bussbuss}


  1. with wedges, leggings and thick socks? :)
    but you are talking to the girl who would happily freeze in winter hehe

  2. Tres chic!
    The bike tt you've got currently is so classy & suits you just fine. I would love to pull tt off.
    But for now, my bike will do just fine.
    You heard it right. BIKE baby. After a 4 year wait, it's here.
    And You can always pimp up your bike-wear since you're like the Asian answer to Martha Stewart.
    Digressing here. Just a teensy favour. Trying to get the Japanese Kanji characters for the phrases, "Free Spirit" and "Tough Love". Since you're in Japan with access to language teachers, it would be an easy task. Wanna ink myself. Gasp!
    Take care, Zhingy baby.

  3. wedges!! you're brilliant! why didn't i think of that!! :)
    i'll happily trade places with you. anytime!! im missing the heat!!!

  4. Re: Tres chic!
    BIKE BABY!!!! wow!! pictures!!! updates!!! wear a helmut! i miss you.. :) :) :)
    i can check with my friends in school tomorrow but google translate says "タフな愛" (tough love) and "自由な精神" (free spirit).
    only kanji characters for certain parts! but *gasp* indeed!!! WHERE??

  5. Re: Tres chic!
    This is SG - the land of rules, regulations & fines for every damn thing- you're talkin about. Helmet's a must!
    Will post it up soon.
    I don't wanna use google translate as it ain't accurate.
    Wanna get it at my pelvic area. Can hardly wait!
    I Miss you too.

  6. Re: Tres chic!
    i'll verify that later today. don't want you to have bad japanese tattooed in your-you-know-where! :)
    love love!

  7. i love me pumps. easy enough to ride around in, and looks good with leggings or knee high /ankle high socks (so very japanese).
    i'll say go for a messenger bag. the kind you sling around your shoulder like a newspaper boy, but you can make one for yourself using cute printed fabric lined with canvas.
    why go for french lady chic when you can totally get away with japanese kawaii?

  8. im in the market for a cute leather messenger bag!! i am currently carrying a handmade pink polka dotted one thats not very becoming!!
    cos french lady chic is more 28-yo than japanese kawaii! hahaha!! :) and im having growing pains! :)


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