Saturday, January 29, 2011

my favorite things: origami paper

im a nut for scrap paper. i keep them religiously in a box and use them in gift wrapping, labels, tags and sometimes i'll shred it up and mod-podge it into something pretty.

not to point fingers (at you, ma...) but this paper obsession started way back when i was a little girl. and i'd rip through my packs of origami paper making heart, garlands, boxes and my favorite of them all.... snip through a stack of them to make colourful confetti (and then make my brothers throw them at me like im a bride.. i tell you, its in my DNA!!). i guess it was an inexpensive and easy way to keep my active mind occupied.

after that many years, i made a crane again! (assisted by youtube!)

i blame it on the father in law who made me take him to hyaakku-en (100yen) store. the biggest one in town, 4 levels tall, at harajuku is a treasure trove of cuties!! there is absolutely no way anyone can walk out with nothing in their hands. so i bought a little pack of origami paper. (and 32 other little things..)

75mm x 75mm of pure fun. this kami paper is thin and printed on one side. but im totally digging the pattern! mochi balls & onigiri.. love them both!

classic red flowers & little pink wooden dolls..

furoshiki (fabric wrapped bentos) & some little friends from the sea.. kawaii ne!!

great stay-home activity for me today.. im thinking if i wanna make a garland for spring?? or maybe a origami necklace. hmm. decisions decisions!!


  1. omgggg i think klkl HAVE to drag me outta that shop! HAHA

  2. We are so alike! I adore origami paper too! My first set was this kimono print ones that allow u to fold them into tiny cute kimono gals! :)

  3. yeah!! :) who knew daiso had such cute paper!!

  4. teehee!!! :) guess we could have been little girlfriends trading stickers and folding paper together..
    so cute! I've seen that fold too!! too cute!!


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