Friday, January 28, 2011

book lusts: this little piggy went to prada

we're back! and thrown right into the thick of things. both of us, thankful that we didn't suffer from any delhi belly, jumped right back to work, took dad out for a feast and did 3 huge loads of laundry, only to collapse with a huge headaches and fevers. i guess we're not young chickens anymore and perhaps this might be the last of our overnight multi-city hops.

but we're home!!!

this is a frivolous book i'd love to add to collection!!

tongue in cheek nursery rhymes for the fashionista-mom!

with gorgeous watercolour images so captivating and beautiful...

ok. the secret is out. im not a sophisticated reader but love love love!! you can find it here.

talking about fashion, my recent experiments has failed miserably. applaudable efforts, i reckon, but not quite the response/effect intended!! i'll see if im brave enough to dig out some pictures. oh well, maybe best to stick to my down jacket and thermal underwear! *sigh*


  1. Nice!
    Saw this picture book in the airport called 'Its a book' by Lane Smith. Really cute. You should check it out.

  2. so pwetty! I have an artwork idea! :)

  3. wooho! great! i'd love to see your artwork!!
    p.s. this is completely retarded and slow! but i was talking to daniel (my husband) when the topic of "hapa" arose and suddenly i was all like " OMG i have a blog friend whose nick name is hapadoll i gettit now!!! " hahah...

  4. i know right! :)
    and its a fabric bound hardcover!! so love!

  5. OMG i just saw the trailer and its hilarious!! :)
    so cute! i have an idea for my baby's shower (and no, there is no baby to talk about..) i was thinking to call it "starting a library for baby x" or something more sophisticated but everyone will bring their favorite children book. vintage or new! :)
    isn't that much better than a thousand pink onesies all in size 0 - 3 months? :) hahaha...

  6. hahah! if i thinking what you're thinking. a big fat no. and choiii! :)
    don't worry im not one of subtle announcements! :)

  7. aiya, i was already mentally shopping for stuffs to get ya for when we see you in Aug!


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