Monday, January 17, 2011

in the kitchen : boeuf bourguignon

have you read "julia & julia"? or watched the movie? did you love it??

i was a huge fan and might have teared a little too! there is just something about the way they described the yumminess of the french cuisine that it left me craving for some poach egg, brushetta and roast chicken. and most of all, boeuf bourguignon sounded heavenly!! i've been trying to be a little more adventurous in life generally and thought its time i try a few different cuisines!!

lemme just say that french cooking in japan is no easy feat! for one, they ilke beef shabu-shabu style (thinly sliced) so when i found chunks of steaking beef it was like striking gold.

i was trying to follow as closely to this recipe as possible but half of the ingredients were unavailable. so i got creative. beef stock = beef cube. small onion = big yellow onions. casserole dish = non-stick skillet. oven = no oven. safe it say, it probably tasted nothing like the real thing!

looks yummy already! but this is 4 hours before it was finally done! *sweat*

it took two adequately literate adults to read the 45 - step process. and even then, there were many face palm moments. im sure the recipe was butchered by our amatuer-ish efforts but..

.. tres delicieux with a few chunka buttered toast!

just dipping our toes into the world of french cooking, i know but home-made boeuf bourguinon a la julia child - check!


  1. great job! i can never do this!

  2. I love that movie :) Looks good!

  3. It was pretty Yums! And for once, I didn't need to crack pepper or salt into it!!
    Wonder how she kept up with the 365 day challenge!!

  4. Yes you can!! I reckon cooking's like a science experiment. Just follow instructions and it'll 99% be successful!!
    Good skill to have when you stay on your own and crave home-made yumminess!!!

  5. funny you should post this, as i just received a new Le Creuset pot and was planning on making this to christen it! looks good!

  6. le creuset pot! that was the EXACT thing i needed!! :)
    you should definitely give this one a go. its SUPER yums!! (if only i didn't know how much fat and butter went into it!!)

  7. That looks awesome!! I have been wanting to try this for a while since i watched J&J but the time and steps involved is scary. Big pat on the back for trying!!

  8. oh man! you TOTALLY can do it. you're super cool in the kitchen. im just feeling my way in the dark, man!!
    promise the result is work the many many steps.

  9. i DID wind up making it and it was absolutely incredible...i served it for 6 and was cleaned out in under a half hour! can't wait to make it again :)

  10. hmmmmm!! :) i can already taste it as im typing this!
    i was kinda amazing at how much red wine went in! :) yayy for great recipes!


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