Monday, January 17, 2011

is it the look in your eyes or is it this dancing juice...

over the weekend, we watched heaps of TV and are caught up to date with covert affairs, how i met your mother and of course glee!! i have been meaning to do this for ages!! my maid of honour told me that when she watched this episode, she thought of me and brought a tear to her eyes. (awww.. i love her sooo much!)

needless to say i got all teary-eyed too. well, anyway, this is my favorite bit!! :)

happy monday, folks! we're headed up to Calcutta this weekend for our friends' wedding so just in time to get into wedding mood! it should be a hoot! we can't wait!!

warning: the song is very addictive.


  1. Heheheh, we promised Deaf that we'll do a dance number for her walk-down too! But she must get married within the next year, if not the offer will end!! Hahahaha

  2. If I'm part of her wedding party, count me in too!!!
    That's one wedding I can't wait for!! but don't tell her, no pressure!! ;)

  3. Hahahah yah, she keeps telling us how stressed she feels about the pressure, especially with your gang all married now! But she said she can seek comfort in BADSPY's singlehood (erm, thanks Deaf...)
    I'm sure you'll DEFINITELY be her wedding party! You probably have to be the choreographer, hehehe!

  4. haha!! just for the records, we never ever pressure her or her beau! :)
    but yayy! i can't wait!
    ok she better not find out about this conversation. feels wrong to be planning the wedding march in without the bride, groom or the ring!!!

  5. teehee!! :) saw it on your FB! :) and i realized your posts on FB is increasingly wedding-esque!!
    getting in the mood??? :) :) :)

  6. not really.. just happen that i see more wedding videos recently


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