Saturday, January 15, 2011

bunny lovies..

japan is great for little things that you never knew you absolutely need till you see it! and after that, you can't stop thinking of it. such as boots holders ( to keep the shape and display pretty!), cup noodles paperweight (that doubles as a heat reactor and timer..), little cocktail forks with a pink diamond. makes my heart beat faster each time!! i mean, aren't those ideas brilliant? and how was life like before you got them?

yesterday i met these cutie patooties...

"psst.. i think she's talking about us, pink blossom!"
"hey blue bums, can you give my ears a teeny scratch.."

and they walked off happily into the sunset...

i got sets of 8 as gifts for our family this new year! hope they will make their way to their dinner table. ah!! reunion feasts, how i miss you this year!

p.s. in response to the boy's incredulous "what the hell are they?" looks.. they are little chopsticks holders! see? told you. little things you never new you NEEDED! :)


  1. ahhhh chopsticks holdler! i went ?_? too when i read your entry!

  2. hahah!! :) told ya! its super "useless" but useful! :) how delicious would rice be if your chopsticks rested on these little things!!

  3. i was wondering if i should have gone with mismatching ones (ie rabbits, leaf, kimono, pumkin.) but went with a matching set instead!

  4. you are hilarious lah babe!
    but its all these little things that make a house, home. :)


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