Wednesday, January 19, 2011

crafts: v-day bunting

the christmas socks came off a few weeks ago and our walls have looked exceedingly plain and bare.

and we all know zhing doesn't do "plain and bare" so i fixed up a quick craft before dad arrived so it doesn't look like we live in a naked white box!

deck the halls with lots of lovin'..

excuse the mess. we just had a family camp-out with musashi!

do you love zig-zag seams!?! im crazy about them! and my awesome new pinking shears from mum for christmas!!

would you be my valentine?? 

p.s. did you know there was a flurry of snow in tokyo on sunday? we were snuggled in bed warm and toasty to notice.. but later in the morning, we noticed a little slushy snow settled in the corner of the roads. not romantic but still .... SNOW!!!



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