Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Kua'aina Burgers in Japan

You know that feeling when you absolutely NEED a huge juicy burger? I totally got that over the weekend! It's usually the carnivorous husband that craves good burgers or steaks but I got it real bad this time!!!

But of course, we're not in the right country for burgers, right!? Turns out.... we were completely wrong!!!!

Absolute life-saver!!!

We found out that our nearest outlet was near Omotesando, which is minutes away from the boy's office.. So minutes after he got home, we were riding to work again!! So love!!

Aloha!! It was awesome the minute we stepped in, a warm n cosy respite from the wintry cold..

Surfing anyone??

The boy ordering up a storm!!

I got a pineapple burger and he got his usual bacon cheese burger, with beers in paper cups and some kickass fries galore! I would have loved a good malty milkshake but the burger well made up for it! Not too pricey too.. between the two of us, we chalked up a bill of 3000 yen!!

Yayy for cheap dates!!

Anyway, we were sooooo in love with that place (plus a little nostalgic cos it reminds us of our Hawaiian brother..) that guess what!!! We went back the next day for seconds! How typical of us!!! But this time smuggling our puppybear in as well!!

Best burgers in the world, maybe not but way better than Mos and Freshness Burger!! We'll be back for sure! Maybe tonight!! ;)

Kua'aina Aoyama
5-10-21 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku
P.s. No reservations needed!

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  1. E took Mel and I for burgers when we were there... I think we both died trying to finish our sets!

  2. Haha! You live in Nihon land, where is the sushi and sashimi??? Your post also prompted my next blog entry... I miss Japanese food!!!!

  3. OD-ed on sushi & sashimi already! it was fun for the first few weeks though!!
    haha.. we're cross-food blogging! teehee...

  4. SERIOUSLY? omg we are PIGS! we had a full set each and split a huge fries between the two of us on both days...
    the only comfort is, we needed to cycle there from home!!

  5. as anticipated. the burgers arrived and we ATTACKED it. the next day i thought "hmm i'll take a picture.." and same thing again! :) haha...

  6. ahahaha! you can go again (and again and again)!


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