Wednesday, January 19, 2011

black or white...

i figured out why im so drawn to weddings. first and foremost, its a celebration of love and commitment. and im a die-hard romantic at heart. and also, it sneaks in a little bit of extraordinary in daily life. its the one chance in your life you get to wear a tiara, fake eyelashes and furry stoles. and i mean not just the wedding couple! the guests get to share a little bit of limelight too! that being said, a tiara-donning wedding guest might get a few weird looks...

here are some wedding worthy looks i've been lusting after.

bringing sexy back..

diana agron bringing her A-game.

(and you can so tell the sources of my pictures, no?)

and before i get shot down by etiquette police, i am totally aware that black and white is a huge no-no in chinese/indian weddings! so we're hoping to get into town early enough to buy us sari & dhoti on wedding morning. if not, might be working one of my exisiting evening dresses.

i'd love to hear, darlings! what do you wear to weddings? 


  1. cheongsams!
    and safe colour dresses (ie no white no black no red- you wouldnt wanna be mistaken as the bride do you what with white and red, avoid black so that you wouldnt be tsked at). usually pastel colors are generally suitable for attending weddings. juz nothing too short or revealing though!

  2. i would wear...
    not the same thing again in the same crowd.
    since it is a wedding in India, you must be bling! very bling! they really dress up in silk, chiffon, jewels and flowers and lots of gold.
    i would focus more on the jewellery if i am wearing a dress with clean lines. or a dress with details and chunky earrings?

  3. yeah!! :) we did and they said no black no whites... fair enough though!!
    its so funny cos at our wedding, we requested ALL blacks!

  4. Re: i would wear...
    i hear what you're saying!! :)
    i've time to pop into town tomorrow. see if i can pick up a few fancy pieces!!

  5. RED! does red send that msg? i've never thought of that!! :) good thing my skin tone is not really suited for red anyway! it would be terrible if i commit that fashion faux pas. but im super concious of wearing white...
    I was thinking of cheongsam too but its freakin 8 degrees and i'd be freaking with my hip high slits... *brr*

  6. ya red apparently so. alot of brides love red gowns cos it makes them stand out (like 'shouting out' yoohoo im the bride! here! here!).
    i love red but i dun wear it to weddings. yea no whites!
    heh cheongsam with leggings? :P does it look LC (low class)?

  7. I guess you can wear it to your own! :)
    yeah.. cheongsam with legging.. not quite i envisioned. i've done cheongsam with stockings but leggings is pushing it a little! i think i'll do a long dress and wear unsexy long johns under (shh! our little secret!)

  8. red gown? hmmm nooo. but the colour will form part of the gown. :D
    HAHAHAHA you are hilarious lah hunz! xoxo

  9. Re: i would wear...
    - it's ah fenz here! :)


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