Friday, December 10, 2010

we're famous part 2...

its not as big a deal as part 1, but we got something in the mail yesterday that totally perked the boy up after a super long work day...

.... his pictures feature in an american bridal magazine. the credits are super small but on the bottom left, it says "media: daniel allender photography". he was so thrilled, he did a little victory lap around the house cheering "we're famous!" and was all giggles before he passed out about 5 seconds later.

life's charming like that, eh?


  1. Aww... he deserves it... his pics are always amazing

  2. cool! how much to hire this famous photographer for my wedding? =)

  3. hahaha! :) just his airticket home for you! *wink*
    p.s. did you decide where and when already? i saw you post the 3 month countdown to ROM! :) excited????

  4. awww thanks honey. i think you just made his day!
    p.s. have you EVER received my comments on your blog? i realized that when i comment, nothing shows... wondering if you screen comments or have i been completely dumb about it so far.

  5. haha, let me think about it... =P
    only ROM at the ROM place... small & plain...

  6. its ok!! :) still exciting!!! :) im excited for you!!! :) :) :) jia you!

  7. Hey babe, i did receive once when you commented on the boutonnier i did for Kenny. That comment made my day too cos i invested so much time into it and it was nice to see someone else say its nice :)
    I do screen comments cos you do get some pretty strange random comments on Blogspot. Things that don't seem like its written by a human being :) But other than that, i let the remaining 99% of all comments through. Have never seen you post any comments after the one with the boutonnier though.
    Oh no, is there something wrong with my comments function? Could it be thats why i always feel my blog is super quiet? I always love more interaction with people who read my stuff, but they never come, so i just take it that my everyday druggery isn't of much interest :)
    Since u mentioned, post something so that i know it works?
    If not, i'm always reachable at

  8. oh i ALWAYS comment. like when you made kenny drink less 100plus (same problem, same addiction!) and your many foodie posts.. all the time. but i never check if they go through!
    i usually use my name & blog address! i'll try again now!!! :)
    got your email addy, love! thanks! :) you know where you can find me!!! :) xx


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